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Dietrich von Hildebrand, Aesthetics

Dietrich von Hildebrand, Aesthetics, Vol. I, John F. Crosby ed., Brian McNeil tr., Steubenville, OH: The von Hildebrand Project, 2016; 470 pages. ISBN: 978-1939773043. Dietrich von Hildebrand, Aesthetics, Vol. II, John F. Crosby...

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Iain Macdonald, What Would Be Different

Iain Macdonald, What Would Be Different: Figures of Possibility in Adorno. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2019; 248 pages. ISBN: 978-1503610279. Reviewed by Deborah Cook, University of Windsor.  What Would Be Different...

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Todd McGowan, Capitalism and Desire

Todd McGowan, Capitalism and Desire: The Psychic Cost of Free Markets. New York: Columbia University Press, 2016; 304 pages. ISBN: 978-0231178723. Reviewed by Anthony Ballas, University of Colorado at Denver. Can capitalism be...

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Thomas Nail, Being and Motion

Thomas Nail, Being and Motion. New York: Oxford University Press, 2018; 544 pages. ISBN: 978-0190908911. Reviewed by Michael J. Bennett, University of King’s College. Thomas Nail’s ambitious philosophical project starts with the...

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When a man has filled his mouth so full of food that for this reason he cannot eat and it must end with his dying of hunger, does giving food to him consist in stuffing his mouth even more or, instead, in taking a little away so that he can eat?

— Kierkegaard, Postscript