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Amy Allen, Critique on the Couch

Amy Allen, Critique on the Couch: Why Critical Theory Needs Psychoanalysis. New York: Columbia University Press, 2020; 280 pages. ISBN: 978-0231198615. Reviewed by Kathy Kiloh, OCAD University. In Critique on the Couch: Why...

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Pauline Harmange, I Hate Men

Pauline Harmange, I Hate Men. Natasha Lehrer tr. London: Fourth Estate, 2020; 96 pages. ISBN: 978-0008457587. Reviewed by Tiffany Gordon, Dalhousie University. Pauline Harmange’s I Hate Men is a satirical analysis of the deep...

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Susan Bredlau, The Other in Perception

Susan Bredlau, The Other in Perception: A Phenomenological Account of Our Experience of Other Persons. New York: State University of New York Press, 2018; 126 pages. ISBN: 978-1438471730. Reviewed by Alexandra Morrison, Michigan...

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Ian James, The Technique of Thought

Ian James, The Technique of Thought: Nancy, Laruelle, Malabou and Stiegler after Naturalism. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2019; 247 pages. ISBN: 978-1517904302. Reviewed by Patrick Gamez, Missouri University of...

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When a man has filled his mouth so full of food that for this reason he cannot eat and it must end with his dying of hunger, does giving food to him consist in stuffing his mouth even more or, instead, in taking a little away so that he can eat?

— Kierkegaard, Postscript