Women Philosophers

Dear Friends of the Society for Women of Ideas,

You are invited to attend the first (virtual) event in our Roundtable series, A Mind of Her Own, on Friday, October 21, 2:00 to 4:00 pm EST. We have invited five scholars to discuss the contributions of women to the field of ancient philosophy. 

Please see the poster for further details and register in advance here for this event.

Our guests are the co-editors and three contributors to a forthcoming volume entitled Ancient Women Philosophers: Recovered Ideas and New Perspectives (Cambridge University Press, 2023), edited by Caterina Pellò and Katharine R. O’Reilly.

Excerpt from the Introduction:

This book is about ancient women philosophers, their ideas and contributions to the history of philosophy, and the methods we use to retrieve and re-evaluate them. In what follows, we outline the objectives and key questions of the volume. We devote a substantial section to the specific challenges in the study of ancient women philosophers, with special focus on source issues. We also discuss the methods our contributors have adopted to face the challenges and approach these thinkers philosophically. We argue that the study of ancient women philosophers has a special value for our understanding of the history of philosophy. While at first daunting, this unique set of thinkers and the available evidence both enrich our insight into the methodology of the history of philosophy and re-introduce philosophical contributions which would otherwise be lost.

We hope you will join us for what is sure to be a stimulating discussion!

The SWI Organizing Committee