The 8th Annual Canadian Hermeneutic Institute will take place in Toronto, June 15-17, 2016, sponsored by York University and Ryerson University.  The Institute aims to bring together scholars of hermeneutics and hermeneutic research across disciplines in creative dialogue and conversations of philosophy, research, and practice. This year’s seminar is led by Dr. Kym Maclaren, and entitled “Bodily ‘Knowledge,’ Existential Transformations, and the Power of Hermeneutic Inquiry.”

**Information concerning registration and the call for abstracts is available at . The deadline for the call for abstracts is March 15, 2016.**

The CHI is open to all scholars and students of hermeneutic work—both are encouraged to submit abstracts, or simply to attend. A limited number of subsidies for graduate student registration are available.

The Institute is held for 3 days and takes the following form: the visiting scholar creates a focus/agenda for the topic(s) of the 3 days, along with suggested readings. The morning sessions are a seminar led by the scholar. The afternoon consists of paper presentations from the participants along with discussion and consultation with the scholar. We aim to keep the Institute small, with usually under 40 participants. The participants consist of faculty members typically from Education, Nursing, Critical Disability Studies, Social Work, Psychology, Philosophy, and Religious Studies, and graduate students, most of whom are studying hermeneutics as a philosophy that guides an approach to research, named by Kearney and Caputo as Applied Hermeneutics.