Symposium: Canadian Journal of Continental Philosophy

Special Section “Africana Philosophy/ Philosophie Africaine”

Summer 2022
Deadline for submissions: March 1st, 2022

Bado Ndoye,
Delia Popa,
James Vernon,


This special section of Symposium aims to acknowledge African and Africana Philosophy, both as growing scholarly fields and as grounding traditions, and contribute to the crucial task of increasing their academic visibility. While entailing distinct research styles and corpuses, these two domains are both anchored in and oriented by a thinking characteristic of the African continent, related to its history and to its diverse cultures. This special section offers a platform to think about the philosophical depth of these traditions, and to investigate various philosophical practices on the African continent and its diasporas today. We would also like to explore bridging contemporary topics in African/a Philosophy and Continental Philosophy. This task of mediation is impossible without taking into account the racial power-balance and the geopolitics of knowledge that structurally obscure the academic reception of African/a philosophy. While recognizing the necessity of facing these problems, we would like to invite papers that stress and illustrate the originality and strength of African/a Philosophy.

To submit, please review the Guidelines for Authors page and follow the submission instructions thereon. Manuscripts may be sent directly to one of the co-editors listed above.