Call for Expressions of Interest and Proposals: New Work on Phenomenology and Marxism

In recent years there has been an increasing level of interest in connections between phenomenology and political philosophy, including the very idea of ‘the political’ itself. In this context, a wide-ranging body of new work has appeared, much of it engaging productively with emerging tendencies in political theory. What is largely absent from these developments, however, is a serious encounter between phenomenology and Marxism as a philosophical tradition. This absence is all the more notable inasmuch as there is currently a general resurgence of interest in Marxist ideas as providing a framework for the critical analysis of the contemporary world. There is, to be sure, an older tradition of phenomenological Marxism that includes many important contributions. But much of that work is now rather dated in terms of the salient political issues, as well as with regard to current levels of scholarship within the phenomenological tradition. What motivated those contributions, however, remains as pertinent as ever, if not more so—to wit, the recognition of important methodological and philosophical complementarities between a phenomenological analysis of lived experience and a Marxist approach to understanding the historical dynamics of capitalist society.

This volume is intended to gather together new work aiming to revitalize the tradition of phenomenological Marxism (or Marxist phenomenology) by combining cutting-edge scholarship that is fresh and rigorous, with a lucid sensitivity for the practical no less than the theoretical complementarity of the respective traditions. The emphasis will be on philosophical issues as opposed to political-economy as such, but in ways that are not oblivious to the political-economic realities of our time. Although historically-oriented and figure-focused contributions are welcome, preference will be given to proposals having substantive consequences that advance important contemporary debates. Broad themes that might be addressed include (but of course are not limited to):

  • Methodological issues
  • Materialism, old and ‘new’
  • The meaning of ‘dialectic’
  • History: theory vs. narrative
  • Nature: ‘eco-phenomenology’ and ‘green Marxism’
  • Reification and ideology
  • Capitalism and mental illness
  • Phenomenology of working-class experience and class conflict
  • Marxism and feminist theory
  • Marxism and queer phenomenology
  • Race and class
  • Rethinking revolution

This is a call for informal expressions of interest (as soon as possible) and short (1-2 page) proposals for chapter-length contributions (to be received by 31. October 2018.)

Please direct inquiries and submissions to Bryan Smyth ˂˃