Centre for Advanced Research in European Philosophy

King’s University College, London, Canada

Call for Papers

Passionate Dis-attachments: The Work of Catherine Malabou

Catherine Malabou is one of Europe’s leading philosophers. Her work on the brain, plasticity and neuroscience has paved the way for new thinking about what it is to be embodied and conscious, challenging notions of the self as well as social and political relations. Malabou’s interpretation of leading figures of philosophy, for example, Hegel, has generated novel philosophical approaches and applications for our contemporary world. The Centre for Advanced Research in European Philosophy at King’s University College, London, Canada, is hosting an international conference dedicated to exploring the philosophy of Catherine Malabou. The conference will be held from February 5–6, 2016. Professor Malabou will be present, and she will offer an opening address as well as commentary. Professor David Bates (UC Berkeley) will also deliver a keynote address. We invite abstracts of ca 250-500 words on topics related to themes such as: plasticity, embodiment, the brain, consciousness, self, feminism, life, trauma, and social and political challenges. We also encourage abstracts dealing with Professor Malabou’s work on figures in the history of philosophy, including Hegel.

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