ASCP Annual Conference 2014

Australian Catholic University, Melbourne

4-6 December

Keynote addresses by:

·         Lee Braver (University of South Florida)

·         Kevin Hart (University of Virginia, and Australian Catholic University)

·         Genevieve Lloyd (Emeritus, University of New South Wales)

·         Laszlo Tengelyi (Universität Wuppertal)

·        Andreas Vrahimis (University of Cyprus)

Call for Papers:

Deadline for the submission of conference abstracts: Friday 5 September 2014.

Abstracts should be 200 words in length, and submitted to .

Proposals from postgraduate students are welcome.

All non-plenary papers will be allocated 45-minute sessions (25-30 minute presentation, allowing 15-20 minutes for discussion).

Thematically-linked papers will be scheduled within a conference stream.

Submissions are especially encouraged in the following areas:

  • Continental Philosophy of Religion
  • European Philosophy and the Legacy of the Great War (The Analytic-Continental divide in historical perspective)
  • Naturalism and the Transcendental
  • Phenomenology, the Real, and Thinking the Unthinkable
  • Philosophical Moods and their Metaphilosophical Significance
  • The Metaphysics of the Event

Call for Panels:

To submit a proposal for a thematic or book panel, please email .

Deadline for the submission of panel proposals: Friday 5 September 2014.

  • Proposals for thematic panels should include: a panel title; a 200 word outline of the theme to be addressed; two or three proposed speakers; and preferably, a chair.
  • Proposals for book panels are welcome for books published within the last two years. Proposals should include the author; two or three commentators on the book; and preferably a chair.

For further information, please email  .

Flyer: ASCP_Conference_2014