North American Society for Early Phenomenology
2012 Inaugural Canadian Conference
May 25th and 26th, 2012
Madison Avenue Boutique Hotel & Meeting Complex
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


The North American Society for Early Phenomenology (NASEP) invites all scholars working in the area of early phenomenology to submit abstracts on any topic relevant to the theme of the conference. This encompasses the members of the Munich and Göttingen circles (major and minor figures), their students, their influence, their place within the early period of phenomenology, their relationship to other philosophers, as well as their contributions to the development of early phenomenology.

We will be convening at the Madison Avenue Pub, a British pub-styled facility in the heart of downtown Toronto.  The list of speakers presenting includes:  Jason Bell, Arkadiusz Chrudzimski, John Crosby, Zachary Davis, William Doub, Guillaume Fréchette, Vedran Grahovac, Hynek Janousek, Eric Mohr, Christopher Morrissey, John O’Connor, Rodney Parker, Mark Roberts, Robin Rollinger, Jesse Sims, Biagio Tassone, and Fritz Wenisch.  This conference is open to all members of academia, faculty and students alike, and the general public, however payment of the conference fee is mandatory to attend.  Conference fees are $130 for full-time faculty and waged professionals and $70 for unwaged and student attendees. Fees will be collected on site at time of registration, or in advance by cheque or money order.  The conference fee includes food and beverage for the scheduled breaks.  If you plan on attending the conference, please RSVP by May 5, 2012.

An electronic PDF copy of the conference schedule will be available April 25, 2012.

Payments, or inquiries can be sent to:

Dr. Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray
Philosophy Department
University Of Guelph
50 Stone Rd East
Guelph ON  N1G 2W1