Call for Papers

The 46th Annual Meeting of the Heidegger Circle

The 46th Annual Meeting of the Heidegger Circle will take place May 4-6, 2012 at Emory University. This year’s meeting will include a special session addressing the recently published 1934-35 seminar Hegel: Philosophy of Right (from GA 86), and another devoted to the fiftieth anniversary of Heidegger’s 1962 lecture “Time and Being.” Panels on Heidegger and language/poetry (including the 2010 publication of GA 74) as well as on Derrida’s recently published readings of Heidegger are in the planning. Contributions in all areas of Heidegger’s thought are welcome.

Details to be posted shortly to

Please send submissions of no more than 5000 words (30 minutes maximum reading time), prepared for blind review, in .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .pdf formats only, to the selection committee at . Please include a cover sheet with your paper specifying your contact information and whether or not you would like your paper to be considered for publication in the circle’s journal Gatherings: The Heidegger Circle Annual. The deadline for submissions is February 1, 2012, with notifications by 29 February, 2012.

Additional information regarding membership and the history of the Circle is available at For conference queries, contact the convener at the address below (with “HC 2012” in e-mail subject line).

We look forward to seeing you this spring in Atlanta!

Andrew J. Mitchell
Department of Philosophy
Emory University
561 South Kilgo Circle
Atlanta, GA 30322 USA