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All members of the Canadian Society for Continental Philosophy receive Symposium as part of their membership. Subscriptions may also be purchased separately. Inquiries should be directed to:

Marie-Eve Morin
Editor, Symposium
2-65 Assiniboia Hall
Department of Philosophy
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB   T6G2E7


Pricing (in Canadian dollars)

Institutions:  $95
Individuals:  $55
Per Issue:  $30
Back Issue: $25

Institutional and Individual Subscription to the electronic version available here.

Please note:

Shipping costs are added to foreign subscriptions.

Articles published in Symposium are indexed in The Philosopher’s Index and The International Bibliography of the Social Sciences.

If your library does not subscribe to Symposium, please forward the subscription form to the appropriate librarian.

Symposium is printed in Canada. ISSN 1917-9685.