CSCP 2015


The Canadian Society for Continental Philosophy will hold its annual conference from October 29 to 31, 2015, in Montréal. The conference is hosted by Concordia University. Information about travel, restaurants, and getting oriented in Montreal can be found here. A map of the area and of relevant buildings and restaurants of interest can be found here.

Download the program here.

This year’s keynote speakers are: Steven Crowell (Rice; 2014 Symposium Book Award Winner), Gaëlle Fiasse (McGill), Kelly Oliver (Vanderbilt), Marie-Andrée Ricard (Laval), and Jason Wirth (Seattle). This year’s plenary panel includes Lorraine Code (York), Matthias Fritsch (Concordia), and Ted Toadvine (Oregon), and is called “Future Earth, Future Life, Future People: Environment and Values.”

Registration will take place on-site. There is no advance registration. Please note that we can only accept cash and cheque as payment.

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