Sep 032014

Jessica Whyte, Catastrophe and Redemption: The Political Thought of Giorgio Agamben. Albany: SUNY Press, 2013; 215 pages. ISBN: 9781438448534.

Review by Tom Frost, University of Sussex

Academic interest in the thought of Giorgio Agamben has increased almost exponentially in recent years. This popularity has been tied to the fact that Agamben’s work appeared to be remarkably prescient. When Agamben  … Read More …

Sep 032014

S.J. McGrath, The Dark Ground of Spirit: Schelling and the Unconscious. London and New York: Routledge, 2012; 217 pages. ISBN 978-0-415-49212-6.

Review by J.A.F. Marshall, McMaster University

S.J. McGrath’s 2012 monograph, The Dark Ground of Spirit: Schelling and the Unconscious, contains much to recommend it, in particular because it accomplishes so much within a relatively thin volume. First  … Read More …

May 182014

Golfo Maggini, Γιά μιά ερμηνευτική του τεχνικού κόσμου. Από τον Χάιιντεγκερ στη σύγχρονη τεχνοεπιστήμη [Toward a Hermeneutics of the Technical World: From Heidegger to Contemporary Technoscience]. Athens: Patakis Publications, 2010; 438pp. ISBN: 978-9601638300.

Review by Eftichis Pirovolakis, University of Crete, Greece

The thematic axis around which Golfo Maggini’s book revolves is Heidegger’s views on the technical world, their  … Read More …

Apr 082014


Towards a Transcendental Materialism: Johnston’s Attempted Marriage of Recent Neuroscience and Lacanianism

Adrian Johnston, Prolegomena to Any Future Materialism, Volume 1: The Outcome of Recent French Philosophy. Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press, 2013; 280 pages. ISBN: 978-0810129122.

By Peter Gratton (Memorial University of Newfoundland). Published in Symposium, vol. 18, no. 1.

The  … Read More …

Apr 082014

Eric Severson, Levinas’s Philosophy of Time: Gift, Responsibility, Diachrony, Hope. Pittsburgh: Duquesne University Press, 2013; 372 pages. ISBN: 978-0-8207-0462-3. 

Review by Clarence Joldersma, Calvin College

Eric Severson’s book explaining Levinas’s idea of time uncovers chronologically multiple notions layered in his changing conceptual landscape. While focused on an explication of Levinas’s complex and shifting idea of time, Severson’s rich discussion  … Read More …

Mar 182014

Jean-Luc Marion, Givenness & Hermeneutics. Trans. Jean-Pierre Lafouge. Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Marquette University Press, 2013; 80 pages. ISBN: 978-0-87462-598-1.

Review by Maxwell Kennel, Conrad Grebel University College

Presented and published as the 2013 Père Marquette Lecture in Theology, the short book Givenness & Hermeneutics is one of several recent English translations of Jean-Luc Marion’s work, including The Reason of the  … Read More …